Privacy Settings Dialog

Demonstrating the GDPR Consent Plugin

Here you see what we call the ‘Privacy Settings Dialog’.

Each consent that you define will show in this dialog, allowing visitors to choose which information you are allowed to use and gather from them. Some consents can be mandatory, some can be optional.

At the bottom of the dialog a visitor can store their new settings, or choose to have all given consents (that are stored in a cookie) removed with the ‘Forget me’ button.

  • Set your own icons

    Choose from any of the 100+ icons available in the plugin.

  • Set your own text

    Define the titles & descriptions of each consent, as well as the introduction and the text on all buttons.

  • Set your own colors

    Colors in the dialog inherent from your theme by default, but can be defined by you in the plugin.

  • Define consent order

    Present the consents in the order you want them to show up in.

  • Mandatory or optional consents

    Make your functional cookies mandatory, leave the choice for your other consents up to your visitors.

  • Easy implementation

    Requires a simple shortcode to make the dialog appear in any page, for instance on your privacy policy page.

Live demo, click to see it work:

Your Privacy Settings

At we take great care in taking your privacy seriously. When you use our website, we may need to place a cookie or gather some information from you. Below you can tell us which types of activities are allowed by you. Simply click 'Forget Me' to retract all consents given.

Videos on this website are provided from the YouTube streaming video service. YouTube may show you personalised adverts preceding the actual video you want to watch. This consent is optional, but required if you wish to view videos directly on this website.

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This website uses Google Analytics to collect information about how you use the website. Your IPaddress has been anonimised and no information is shared with other parties than Google, with which we have a dataprocessing agreement in line with the GDPR.

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During your visit to this website we place a cookie to test whether cookies can be set by your browser. These cookies are required for a proper functioning of this website. They are not used to track personal information.

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Forget me Thanks you, we have cleaned up any consents we had set up for you.